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MSBNCO. trades a wide assortment of wholesale rice products from all over the globe. Rice is a versatile grain that is popular in a great many ethnic cuisines. Rice is a great source for several essential vitamins and minerals. It comes in white or brown colours, in long, medium, and short varieties.
Below please find the products which we offer to our clients.
Indian Rice
۱۰۰% Broken
۱۱۲۱ Basmati Rice
Basmati Brown
Pakistani Rice
۳۸۶ Premium Rice
Super Kernel Basmati Rice
Thai Rice
Jasmine Rice
Iranian Rice
Packaging: We offer many different bulk rice options. We can deliver all the above types of rice in different configurations, such as: bulk vessel, bulk containers, bagged in 20 Kg, 45 Kg, 50 Kg and retail.